Gift voucher for accommodation at Apuseni Glamping Retreat!

We have four types of discount: -30%, -40%, -50%, and -100% (just for one night) all valid under the conditions of a 2 night reservation for 2 people during the week (Monday to Thursday included).

Thus, you will purchase the voucher, make it a gift, and the person who will own it will benefit from the discount registered on it.

Conditions of use:

- The person who purchases the voucher cannot use it as a discount on his own reservation.

- For a 2-night package can be used 1 single voucher, it is NOT reusable, the codes are unique.

- The coupon will arrive by email, sometimes not immediately, depending on the parameters of the server that generates its order number.

Buy now the 30% discount voucher for only 299 RON (romanian lei): PRESS here

Buy now the 40% discount voucher for only 399 RON (romanian lei): PRESS here

Buy now the 50% discount voucher for only 499 RON (romanian lei): PRESS here

Buy now the 100% discount voucher for only 519 RON (romanian lei): PRESS here