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Escape the city

Spend the night in a cozy igloo tent (dome) with its own terrace, a 1 hectare hill and forest as you can see with your eyes only for yourself. Here, at our retreat, get in touch with nature, listen to the sound of the rain outside your tent, listen to the silence or the small creek nearby.
Enjoy the fresh air and panoramic view of the valley, privacy and tranquility in luxury and nature.

Our tent is a 20 square meters geodesic dome type, equipped with a private terrace, queen size bed, bathroom with shower and toilet inside, minibar, coffee maker, toaster and cozy chairs for spending a quality time in your special holiday.

For your comfort and relaxation, starting May 2023: Breakfast + lunch (or dinner, of your choice) are included in the price of the price of the reservation!

What can you find nearby

- "Detunatele" are one of the major tourist attractions in the region. The two rocks are located one kilometer and a half away from each other. Detunata Goala, scarcely covered in vegetation and Detunata Flocoasa, with lots of vegetation have the form of humps located near the village Bucium. 

Detunatele are some basalt columns, of a stunning regularity, resembling to some huge natural pipe organs. The term comes from the name of the group of rocks composed of basalt columns, uncoated with vegetation and mixed with scree, from the solid rock-fall, causing a noise similar to thunder.

They are simillar to those instagrammable columns from Reynisfjara (Iceland), Fingal's Cave (Scotland) or Giant Causeway (Northern Ireland). It is surprising that many travelers knew about those beautiful natural cliffs of Europe (or even visited them) but not about those on the Apuseni Mountains. These are located just a few kilometers from the center of Bucium. This will certainly change for the better, since you, dear reader, have read this information here. 

About the legends of the Detunatele or the Negrileasa Daffodil Glade, you can read more in a romanian recent article here.


- Ethnographic exhibition in Bucium village,

- The People's Museum of Bucium (Buciumanilor Museum), The Museum of the people of Bucium (the Museum of Buciumanilor), organized by the Association of Baia Gentlemen, and in it can be found the traditional elements of the popular port of the habitants. Also, objects – mining tools as well as monographs and literary exegetions written by commune habitants about the history and traditions of this place.

- The House of Fefeleaga, the character from the work of the writer Ion Agarbiceanu. The great-grandson of the famous Fefeleaga lives even today 100 meters from this house-museum! 

- House number 22 in Bucium-Sasa, where the writer Ion Agarbiceanu lived between 1906 and 1910.

- The Daffodil Glade from Negrileasa - located in the south-eastern part of the commune, is a nature reserve of the botanical category important because of the presence of daffodils (Narcissus stelaris) in May. It is currently under the protection of the law because the rustical celebrations organized annually, during their flowering period, led to the degradation of the beautiful glades.

- Mining Museum in Roşia Montană (18 km from us),

- Geamăna - the sunken village (42 km from us),

- Gold Museum in Brad (47 km from our location),

- The Monastery under the Stone (66 km from our location),

- The Cave of Huda lui Papară - 66 km from us - in Sălciua de Jos commune, is the cave in the Trascău Mountains that cumulates all possible superlatives! It is: The longest, the most uneven, the most difficult, the largest hall, with the highest gallery, with the longest underground course, with the highest flow, with the largest cascade, with the largest bat colony in Europe.

- Scărișoara Cave (74 km from us) - It is the cave that houses the largest underground glacier in Romania and probably in Europe. The Scarisoara Glacier lies at an altitude of 1165 meters and houses about 80,000 cubic meters of ice. The oldest ice at the base of the block has been estimated to be 4000 years old.

Welcome to Apuseni Glamping Retreat!

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